Polaris: Earth sheltered Homes
Energy independent House!

Polaris: Earth sheltered Homes

Your Home Place of Nature


No need any external energysources

This house does not need external energy sources because it produces everything necessary for life itself.


No need external water

The house does not need an external waterpipe because it gets water from the air itself.


Can produce food itself

The green and water surface of the house allow the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish for personal consumption.


Can renew Environment

This can be successfully built both in the desert and in the national parks

About the project


The global climate changes on the planet pushed our international team in the energy saving area for developing a completely new concept of homes.


  • The goal of our work was to do a home completely independent from all outdoor energy sources: electricity, drink water, canalization, heating, cooling and even from food supply.
  • At the same time the house must have a standard size and use only building materials available in the building area.
  • It must not damage for Environment and even to improve it.

What did we achieve?

This is a house concept built on the principle of a complete disclaimer from external energy sources.

Earth sheltered House. Description

The house can have 2 floors. The sunlight illuminates both fully. For this it was made all windows are aligned to the south side. There are two garages and a technical room.

A baring construction can be built from the sea containers or from another building material. The sea containers allow you to build home cheap, fast and reliable

Polaris Green Earth

In the plan the entire construction (except the south façade) is earth sheltered. This is one of the most important components of the design, which offers the following advantages:

  • Thermal energy.
  • Water- condensation.
  • Protection against various catastrophes and thieves.
  • Create a green landscape for the whole construction.
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Polaris Eco Homes

The second model differs from the first one that the house is not earth sheltered and looks like an ordinary constriction. All other features of the 1st. building are saved:

  • Thermal energy.
  • Water- condensation.
  • Protection against various catastrophes and thieves.
  • Create a green landscape for the whole construction.
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Concept features

Solar power

The house stores the solar energy in the cold season and uses it for heating and planting.

Using same water for several goals

It collects the purified sewage water in the pool and uses it for both aqua and hydroponics, as well as for irrigation.

Heating systems

There are some heating systems inside like air ground collector, recuperation and biofuel stove. One of them is a barbeque stove. The construction of the stove can be used both as a hot water preparation and for the heating system as well as for grilling.

The most important advantages


We offer two kinds of constructions: either as an ordinary house or as an earth sheltered house.


As a basic of the construction are used sea containers.


It uses 4 in 1 system: ventilation, heating, cooling, water supply.


No internal heating or cooling devices - freedom of internal design solutions!


Water, air and heat are reused in a closed cycle of the house.


Multifunctional use of the front room for preheating the entire house, plant cultivation, barbeque zone, frost protection, etc.


Four heating sources: earth, sun, biomass, recuperation.

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Differences between zero energy houses and Polaris homes

Zero House
  • Needs thick layer of the wall insulation.
  • Uses very expensive air ventilation system.
  • Needs many special (very expensive) building materials.
  • Needs special windows and doors.
  • Anyway needs outside water and canalization supply, partly electricity line.
  • Needs special house equipment (for bath and kitchen for example) - limited your choice.
  • Destroys nature, local landscape environment and climate.
  • High final price of construction.
  • A foundation is needed.
  • Energy consumption ot home is based mainly on photovoltaic with the subsequent sale of electricity to the outdoor power network (connection the house to power line is required).
  • No wall insulation.
  • Uses ground air collector and simple indoor air ventilation.
  • Needs local ground, local materials and local nature.
  • Uses usual windows and doors.
  • Produce water itself. Uses recycled sewage water and electricity for internal demands.
  • Uses ordinary equipment. The choice is unlimited.
  • Can be integrated optimally into the existing landscape.
  • Low construction costs.
  • The concept uses sea containers as a foundation.
  • Energy consumption the houses based on the internal resources: photovoltaic, biofuel, recuperation, geothermal energy.

What do we offer?

We offer a revolutionary technology that completely changes living in the house. Our construction offers the following advantages:

  • Reliable security.
  • Total independence from outdoor energy sources (Self-sufficiency with water, sewage, electricity, gas and others lines).
  • Possibility to cultivate some foods, fish and meat yourself the whole year
  • You can use aqua - and hydroponics
  • You may build it there it was impossible to build before.

What can a partner company gain from us?


Patented technology that only we offer

New opportunity

Possibility for building even where ordinary construction is not possible or where there is no infrastructure.

Low price

Much lower self- costs for the construction.


Possibile using for construction the local building materials.

Project manager Igor Onischenko

Who we are?

We are an international team working in the energy efficient and special construction areas. Working with us gives you such advantages as:

  • Project and design adapted to your building place.
  • A support from a competent team of professionals and engineers.
  • In addition to the warranty we take over the maintenance of the house for the first ten years.
  • And the most important thing is! You get a concept house that nobody has yet!

Head office UA

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